June 1954 Depart Sinyohanbai Co., Ltd. established in Hakodate, Hokkaido, with paid-in capital of \3.3 million. Begins monthly installment credit service for use at department stores based on the issuance of installment-shopping coupons to members who have joined through their workplace. Appoints Masajiro Ibe as director and president and Tatsuya Watanabe and Kaname Yamane as managing directors.
April 1957 Opens Sendai Branch to enter Tohoku region.
July 1959 Commemorates fifth anniversary by renaming itself Kitanihon Sinyohanbai Co., Ltd.
December 1959 Begins credit guarantee service for financial institutions, the first service of its kind in Japan.


January 1961 Introduces Special Coupon, a six-month payment system for big-ticket consumer durable items.
September 1962 Deploys consumer finance checks to allow installment payments on purchases.
May 1965 Buys land and building in Suehiro-cho, Hakodate, and relocates head office.
March 1969 In collaboration with large manufacturers, begins providing full-fledged shopping credit services.


December 1970 Issues the first batch of cards in Sapporo and Sendai.
July 1972 Establishes Tokyo Office (now Tokyo Branch) to enter Kanto region.
April 1973 Lists on the Sapporo Securities Exchange.
October 1973 Opens Osaka Branch to enter Kansai region.
May 1974 Opens Nagoya branch to enter Tokai region.
August 1975 Transfers head office to Tokyo.
February 1976 Opens Fukuoka Branch and Hiroshima Branch to enter Kyushu and Chugoku regions.
April 1976 Renamed JACCS Co., Ltd.
November 1976 Lists on Second Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September 1978 Upgrades to First Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.


June 1981 Forms card business alliance Duty Free Shoppers, the world's biggest duty free shop chain.
January 1982 Is first in industry in Japan to offer bank card loan guarantees.
April 1983 Establishes Housing Loan Center (now Tokyo Housing Loan Center).
April 1989 Begins issuing internationally accepted JACCS Visa Card and JACCS MasterCard.
June 1989 Commemorates 35th anniversary by donating old head office building to the city of Hakodate (now Hakodate City Museum of Literature).


January 1991 Begins issuing JACCS JCB Card.
February 1994 Is first in industry to issue commercial paper.
November 1994 Transfers Head Office to Ebisu Neonate building in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.
October 1995 Launches ¥100 million Come Home to JACCS Card campaign.
October 1996 Implemented JACCS Card Pays Half of Your Interest campaign.
February 1997 Lowers interest rate on card cash loans to 18.0% annually, the lowest rate in the industry (lower than limit under Interest Rate Restriction Act).
May 1999 Implements JACCS Card Holiday Present campaign to commemorate 45th anniversary.


May 2001 Launches JANET, a 24/7 leading-edge mission-critical online system through collaboration with IBM Japan.
June 2002 Starts Intercom Club, a comprehensive online service for JACCS Card holders.
June 2004 Celebrates 50th anniversary.
February 2006 Obtains Privacy Mark certification.
November 2006 Develops WeBBy mobile, the industry's first mobile phone-based shopping credit system.
September 2007 Concludes basic agreement for business and capital alliance with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, (Now MUFG Bank, Ltd.) and Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS.
March 2008 Becomes equity-method affiliate of The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., (Now MUFG Bank, Ltd.) through third-party allocation of new shares.
April 2008 Takes over shopping credit business of Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS Co., Ltd.


June 2010 Establishes JACCS International Vietnam Finance Co., Ltd.
December 2012 Acquires a 40% equity stake in Indonesian company PT Sasana Artha Finance (SAF). Enters motorcycle sales financing business.
April 2014 Revamps corporate logo to mark 60th anniversary.
April 2014 Donates solar power station to city of Hakodate as a part of initiatives to commemorate 60th anniversary.
May 2014 Indonesian equity-method affiliate PT Sasana Artha Finance (SAF) merges with partner company PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Finance (MPMF). The surviving entity, MPMF, becomes an equity-method affiliate of JACCS.
September 2014 Group company JIVF becomes first Japanese credit card issuer in Vietnam.
April 2015 Launches ACT-∑ medium-term business plan.
May 2016 Establishes MMPC Auto Financial Services Corporation (MAFS) as a joint venture in the Philippines. MAFS commences automobile sales financing business.
October 2016 Constructs backup center in partnership with IBM Japan for the Group’s mission-critical systems.
November 2016 Launches industry’s first crowd-funding business.
April 2017 Commences acquiring operations for Mastercard and Visa merchants.
May 2017 Acquires additional shares in Indonesian equity-method affiliate MPMF, making the company a consolidated subsidiary of JACCS.
January 2018 Establishes JACCS FINANCE (CAMBODIA) PLC. (JFC), and acquires a business license for Cambodia. JFC commences business in March of the same year.
April 2018 Launches RAISE 2020 medium-term business plan.
July 2019 Converts Philippines joint venture MAFS into a consolidated subsidiary of JACCS, and changes the company’s name to JACCS FINANCE PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (JFP).
December 2019 Changes name of Indonesian consolidated subsidiary MPMF to PT JACCS MITRA PINASTHIKA MUSTIKA FINANCE INDONESIA (JMFI).