We maintain a diverse lineup of offerings to accommodate customer lifestyles, including credit cards, card loans, and prepaid cards. We leverage the latest smartphone technologies and payment methods and are promoting online-to-offline businesses to member stores.

Expanding and revitalizing our operations to build a robust customer base

Credit cards

JACCS' Credit card business provides convenience and enjoyment for daily living. We offer the exclusive JACCS Card and co-branded cards with organizations and companies. We maintain a diverse lineup that reflects the lifestyles of customers, notably through original card designs, diverse payment methods and cash advance functions, and other unique services with partners.

Initiatives in co-branded card

By including various benefits through partnerships, we have been able to retain a solid customer base and increase sales volumes and unit prices. We issue hundreds of co-branded cards that are pivotal to our credit card business.

Initiatives in convenient and secure settlement services

We offer Apple Pay contactless IC card settlement service for Visa, Mastercard, and JCB as part of our commitment to providing settlement services that are fast, convenient, and secure.

A range of card options catering to diverse needs

Prepaid cards

We offer in-house prepaid cards that are solely for use with partners. Our prepaid cards can accommodate a wide range of partner needs, which differ from those of regular credit cards

Initiatives in house prepaid card

We offer savings-based and store charge prepaid cards. We target marketing of savings-based cards to stores selling expensive items, such as watches and renovation services, and to new vehicle dealers, featuring the cards in various media channels. The marketing of store charge cards is mainly to cafes, supermarkets, or other retailers selling lower-priced items. We have secured a solid customer following for these cards, increasing unit sales, by offering more benefits than the amount charged.