The Credit Card domain

We maintain a diverse lineup of offerings to accommodate customer lifestyles, including credit cards, card loans, and prepaid cards. We leverage the latest smartphone technologies and payment methods and are promoting online-to-offline businesses to member stores.

Expanding and revitalizing our operations to build a robust customer base

Credit cards

JACCS' Credit card business provides convenience and enjoyment for daily living. We offer the exclusive JACCS Card and co-branded cards with organizations and companies. We maintain a diverse lineup that reflects the lifestyles of customers, notably through original card designs, diverse payment methods and cash advance functions, and other unique services with partners.

Initiatives in co-branded card

By including various benefits through partnerships, we have been able to retain a solid customer base and increase sales volumes and unit prices. We issue hundreds of co-branded cards that are pivotal to our credit card business.

A range of card options catering to diverse needs

Prepaid cards

We offer in-house prepaid cards that are solely for use with partners. Our prepaid cards can accommodate a wide range of partner needs, which differ from those of regular credit cards

Initiatives in house prepaid card

We offer savings-based and store charge prepaid cards. We target marketing of savings-based cards to stores selling expensive items, such as watches and renovation services, and to new vehicle dealers, featuring the cards in various media channels. The marketing of store charge cards is mainly to cafes, supermarkets, or other retailers selling lower-priced items. We have secured a solid customer following for these cards, increasing unit sales, by offering more benefits than the amount charged.

Helping to grow store revenue through the provision of a diverse array of payment services

Payment Services

To respond to needs in such areas as continued expansion of the e-commerce market and Japan’s rapidly growing inbound tourist market, it is essential to offer retailers and service providers effective payment solutions. JACCS is working to promote the adoption of simple, speedy payment methods that provide high levels of both convenience and security.

Initiatives in diversifying payment service needs

JACCS offers a varied lineup of payment services to meet diversifying consumer and merchant needs. This includes Apple Pay, Google Pay, a range of QR code- and barcode-based payment platforms, and contactless IC-based payment services provided by Visa, Mastercard and JCB. In addition, JACCS undertakes acquiring operations for a network of member stores for Visa and Mastercard. Hence, the JACCS Group is working to promote the move to cashless payments. Through the spread of convenient and highly secure payment methods, JACCS will continue contributing to sales growth at member stores and enhanced convenience for customers.

  • VISA
  • Mastercard
  • WeChat Pay
  • d払い
  • au Pay
  • PayPay
  • LINE Pay
  • merPay
  • BankPay
  • J-Coinpay

The Payments domain

We alleviate the burdens of debt collections while offering products and services that match diverse customer needs.

An array of service options that accommodate partner needs

Rental guarantee services

We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the nature and scope of property management companies' guarantee needs.

Initiatives in rental guarantee services

Property management companies' guarantee needs differ according to contracts with property owners. Our services enable those companies to match such agreements.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

We released and offer the Print Navi system, which produces the guarantee entrustment agreements that have been so burdensome for partners. The system eliminates the stress of providing documentation to tenants and owners and shortens the time that partners need to deal with customers.

Providing a broad account transfer network and streamlining collections

Bill collection services

Our services draw on our account transfer network to collect (directly debit) consumer payments on behalf of partners.

Initiatives in bill collection service

We look to expand our collections capabilities to companies whose operations include dealing with accounts receivable, merchandise sales charges, insurance, leasing fees, rent, membership fees, and tuition and other fees. At the same time, we aim to help streamline efficiency for partners by greatly reducing the time and personnel costs associated with collections.

Bill collection services framework

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

The website presents products based on our bill collection services. The website also shows, with the kind cooperation of existing partners, how they came to collaborate with us.

JACCS comprehensively handles fee collections

Monthly dues reimbursement services

Our service not only handles usage monthly fee transfers but also handles fee reimbursements.

Initiatives in monthly fee reimbursement services

We offer services that can resolve, non-collection risks, account information management, and other issues with monthly usage fee collections.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

The most stressful process for partners is obtaining the direct debit request forms that are necessary for customer account transfer procedures. JACCS deployed Pay-easy to eliminate the stress of procedures. This setup has delighted partners and their customers alike by enabling procedures that do not require the use of the seal for the account.