Our credit business supports consumers in various aspects of living.
We contribute to the realization of a future inspired by dreams by providing member store with payment methods tailored to consumer lifestyles while building strong partnerships with member stores.

In recent years, we have augmented our capabilities in such areas as automobiles, home renovation, healthcare, bridal services, and education. We have also been cultivating businesses that tap new fields by deepening partnerships with member stores in various areas.

Offering an array of payment plans for new and used vehicle purchases

Auto loans

These are alliance-based vehicle purchase loans for which customers and JACCS conclude contracts through member stores. We offer a wide selection of payment plans, accommodating an array of customer needs, including for those making their first purchases or buying replacement vehicles.
*Auto leases are also available.

Initiatives in imported-vehicle market

We have concluded captive finance agreements with numerous vehicle importers, and offer a variety of sales support measures for vehicle importers, dealers, and customers. We aim to become a finance firm that can contribute to sales.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

Member stores and customers can conclude agreements without stress by using WeBBy Auto, our online auto loan application system. WeBBy Auto was the first complete paperless scheme in Japan's shopping credit industry. This strategic product reduces the risk of personal data leakage and other risks while enhancing our sales and screening efficiency. By providing a tool to close deals without stress, we will further reinforce our connections with member stores.

Providing optimal solutions to help expand housing-related markets

Home renovation loans

These loans cover the expenses of renovations and installations of solar power systems and other eco equipment. With demand for zero energy homes expected to expand, we aim to help revitalize and expand housing-related markets and provide member stores with low-interest products, online screening systems, and other tools to help materialize an affluent society.

Initiatives in eco equipment

We were the first in Japan's shopping credit industry to cater to demand for renewable energy through a range of financing products. Our offerings have included solar power system loans, all electric home system loans, and storage battery loans. We will strengthen efforts to provide financing for eco equipment by launching wind power system loans.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

We offer the Web Entry System, which enables customers to apply for provisional screenings in advance. This system has proven extremely popular in enabling member stores to negotiate deals and enhance contract rates. We will continue stepping up our efforts to become an indispensable partner for merchants.

Packaging credit management through bill collections

Business-to-business settlement services (BtoB loans)

This service handles such complex tasks as screenings, invoicing, and collections. Our service helps member stores with many business partners to improve their operational efficiency.

Initiatives in BtoB market

We developed schemes that make it possible to confidently expand BtoB transactions by addressing the costs associated with credit provisions and collections. We will expand the range of products we handle and the number of member stores we serve.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

We offer our proprietary Biz Payment system to merchants using our services, helping reduce operational burdens associated with invoicing to and collecting from wholesalers. We have strengthened partnerships with merchants because we also offer credit monitoring for wholesalers.

Providing support for weddings

Bridal loans

With individual needs diversifying, we offer loans to cover the costs of wedding ceremonies and banquets to ensure that events deliver the best in hospitality.

Initiatives in bridal loan

We offer bridal loans under the Prechante brand. We also launched a special website for this brand (www.prechante.jp) that offers information on borrower trends and provides customers with peace of mind.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

The Prechante site posts pictures and related information on bridal parlors and wedding halls. The number of operators looking to have their information posted on the site has continued to increase as it has directed more customers to such operations. Parlors and wedding halls can take advantage of WeBBy Direct online application system to streamline loan procedures. This has delighted them by giving them more time to expand sales.

Expanding transaction volumes by drawing on Group synergies

Lease guarantees

We provide lease guarantee services for the leased assets of our Group company JACCS Lease Co., Ltd. It is drawing on a wide range of member stores to expand business partnerships through hybrid sales activities.

Initiatives in lease guarantees

We are collaborating with JACCS Lease to expand the range of equipment covered, including automobiles, office automation equipment, security systems, commercial freezers, and other business systems. It also handles direct leases and other individual transactions to cater for the needs of the company's diverse member store network.