This business provides credit guarantees for loans, benefiting partners by helping them market their offerings, reduce risks, and operate more efficiently. Our finance services help consumers to materialize their dreams while enabling partners to generate more business opportunities.

From retailing through asset formation, partner products bringing consumers and financial institutions together

Loan guarantees

Our service guarantees loans for the MUFG Bank, Ltd., regional banks, and other financial institutions.

Initiatives in personal loan guarantees for banks

For personal loan guarantees for banks, JACCS supports the retail operations of financial institutions through its screening and guarantee expertise.
We enable people to apply for loans online, helping institutions to avoid risks while expanding loans to individuals, enhancing services, and acquiring new customer accounts.

Framework for personal bank loan guarantees

Initiatives in housing loan guarantees

JACCS provides guarantees to consumers borrowing from financial institutions to purchase condominiums as investments. We swiftly accommodate financing demand as a bridge between consumers and financial institutions.

Housing loan guarantee framework
Providing a broad account transfer network and streamlining collections

Bill collection services

Our services draw on our account transfer network to collect (directly debit) consumer payments on behalf of partners.

Initiatives in bill collection service

We look to expand our collections capabilities to companies whose operations include dealing with accounts receivable, merchandise sales charges, insurance, leasing fees, rent, membership fees, and tuition and other fees. At the same time, we aim to help streamline efficiency for partners by greatly reducing the time and personnel costs associated with collections.

Bill collection services framework

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

The website presents products based on our bill collection services. The website also shows, with the kind cooperation of existing partners, how they came to collaborate with us.