We will leverage the shopping credit business expertise that we cultivated from our foundation to cultivate new business potential and broaden our earnings opportunities.

Supplying products that cater to diversifying payment methods

Settlement services

It has become an urgent priority to provide settlement solutions to member stores to tackle the challenges of ongoing expansion in their e-commerce businesses and increasing inbound traffic.
JACCS will draw on the shopping credit expertise that is has cultivated since its establishment to develop timely new products that can become key sources of profits.

Initiatives in diversifying settlement services

We are developing timely new products that accommodate diversifying customer and member store needs, thereby expanding member store sales and helping to enhance customer convenience. These offerings have included our the ATODENE deferred-payment settlement service from JACCS Payment Solutions Co., Ltd.,and Alipay of credit card business.

Harnessing real-world expertise on the Internet

Online services

JACCS has rolled out new businesses that harness the increasingly important Internet as perspective sources of earnings in the years ahead.

Our ever-evolving online business approach

As the first player in the shopping credit industry to enter the cloud funding business, in November 2016 we deployed more resources leveraging online businesses as part of a drive to materialize innovative online operations that combine financial technology to generate new ideas and our more than 60 years of experience in the shopping credit business.