We drew on our expertise in the consumer credit business in looking to expand in markets in the fast-growing ASEAN region. After entering Vietnam in 2010, we expanded into Indonesia in 2012, the Philippines in 2016, and then entered Cambodia in 2018.
We aim to stabilize our operations while solidifying our business foundations and stepping up efforts to expand our businesses. We also seek to maintain top positions in each market while establishing a strong brand presence for JACCS.
We will also deploy business resources in other swiftly expanding Southeast Asian countries to swiftly penetrate new markets.

Entering Vietnam JACCS International Vietnam Finance Company Limited

Vietnam's motorcycle market is seven to eight times bigger than that of Japan.
Annual demand exceeds 3 million units, fueling a growing need for sales finance services.
In June 2010, we established a wholly owned subsidiary in Ho Chi Minh City that drew on its position as a Japanese-owned company to bolster its member store network, centered on the dealers of Japanese motorcycle makers. That company has broadened its operations to encompass finance for automobiles and appliances and credit cards and card loans, contributing to Vietnam's economic progress.


Indonesia is the world's fourth-largest country. Its population of 255 million is young, with an average age of around 28. There is thus considerable potential for domestic demand expansion and economic growth over the medium and long terms.
In December 2012, JACCS acquired a 40% stake in PT Sasana Artha Finance (SAF), which offers motorcycle sales finance, and began participating in its management. May 2014 saw an agreement to merge SAF with its group company, PT Mitra Pinasthika Mustika Finance, which provides automobile sales finance. The latter company was the surviving entity. We bought shares in that company and continued our managemental participation. In May 2017, with a view to future expansion of operations, JACCS acquired an additional 20% equity stake in MPMF Consequently, JACCS' total stake rose to 60% of MPMF's common stock, and the company became a consolidated subsidiary of JACCS.
With a view to the future expansion of its operations, in May 2017 JACCS acquired an additional 20% equity stake in MPMF, thereby increasing its equity stake in MPMF to 60%, and making the company a consolidated subsidiary of JACCS. In December 2019, MPMF changed its name to PT JACCS MITRA PINASTHIKA MUSTIKA FINANCE INDONESIA (JMFI). The objectives of this name change were to clarity that JMFI is a member of the JACCS Group, enhance the company’s corporate brand value in Indonesia, and pave the way for further business expansion.


The Philippines is home to more than 100 million people, and has one of the fastest expanding economies in Southeast Asia. It is on track to maintain its swift growth rates.
The Philippines’ automobile market is forecast to continue expanding, underpinned by strong economic growth and expansion of consumer markets. In light of these factors, in February 2016 JACCS established joint venture MMPC Auto Financial Services Corporation (MAFS) in the Philippines as a captive finance company specializing in sales of Mitsubishi Motors vehicles. MAFS commenced operations in September 2016.
In July 2019, with a view to expanding JACCS’ business in the Philippines, JACCS acquired an additional 45% of MAFS’ stock, bolstering the Company’s equity holding to 65% and converting MAFS to a consolidated subsidiary. Accompanying this change in status, MAFS’ name was changed to JACCS FINANCE PHILIPPINES CORPORATION (JFP). By leveraging the strengths it has cultivated in Japan and overseas, the JACCS Group is pursuing further growth in the Philippines as a diversified finance company.

Moving into the Cambodia JACCS FINANCE (CAMBODIA) PLC.

Since 2011, Cambodia has maintained a real GDP annual growth rate exceeding 7%. Driven by rising income levels among the middle class, personal consumption is expanding. In particular, demand for such consumer durables as motorcycles and household electrical appliances is forecast to increase further, and the market is expected to steadily grow. In Cambodia, JACCS intends to utilize the know-how it has fostered in Japan in the consumer credit business, along with the JACCS Group’s business experience to date in ASEAN member countries. By providing sales finance services centering on motorcycles and household electrical appliances, JACCS aims to contribute to Cambodia’s economic development as well as improved living standards among the people of Cambodia.

Making overseas operations pivotal to profits

In expanding abroad, JACCS aims to make overseas business a fourth key earnings driver after the credit, credit card, and financing businesses. We aim to generate stable earnings and build solid presences in each country while seeking opportunities to expand into other markets around Southeast Asia.