We alleviate the burdens of debt collections while offering products and services that match diverse customer needs.

An array of service options that accommodate partner needs

Rental guarantee services

We offer a wide range of products and services tailored to the nature and scope of property management companies' guarantee needs.

Initiatives in rental guarantee services

Property management companies' guarantee needs differ according to contracts with property owners. Our services enable those companies to match such agreements.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

We released and offer the Print Navi system, which produces the guarantee entrustment agreements that have been so burdensome for partners. The system eliminates the stress of providing documentation to tenants and owners and shortens the time that partners need to deal with customers.

JACCS comprehensively handles fee collections

Monthly dues reimbursement services

Our service not only handles usage monthly fee transfers but also handles fee reimbursements.

Initiatives in monthly fee reimbursement services

We offer services that can resolve, non-collection risks, account information management, and other issues with monthly usage fee collections.

Leveraging strategic products to reinforce partnerships

The most stressful process for partners is obtaining the direct debit request forms that are necessary for customer account transfer procedures. JACCS deployed Pay-easy to eliminate the stress of procedures. This setup has delighted partners and their customers alike by enabling procedures that do not require the use of the seal for the account.