As a Specified Company under the Revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy

Goals and Specific Initiatives in the Fiscal Year ended March 31,2018

As a corporation governed by the revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy, the Company has set a target of reducing energy consumption by at least 1% annually, and takes a proactive stance on energy savings.

Past Achievement

Fiscal Year Energy Consumption (crude oil equivalent in kilo-litters) Reduction Rate Energy Usage Units (crude oil equivalent in kl/m2) Reduction
(Fiscal years ended March31)
2,136 -4.7% 0.04799 -3.5%
(Fiscal years ended March31)
2,119 -0.8% 0.04734 -1.4%
(Fiscal years ended March31)
2,054 -3.1% 0.04368 -7.7%

Initiatives and Planned Improvements in the Fiscal Year ending March 31, 2019

As a specified company under the revised Act on the Rational Use of Energy, we will continue to reduce the use of electricity and other energy, the goal being to reduce energy consumption by more than 1%.