We present three key strengths of the JACCS Group.

(1) A Japanese consumer finance leader

  • Having led the nation's consumer credit industry for more than 60 years
  • A pioneer among Japanese players in the ASEAN market
  • Maintaining the only 24/7 backup center in the industry

(2) Sound management based on trust and credibility

  • One of the most solid and sound businesses in the industry
  • Stable earnings and financial underpinnings
  • Compliance-centric management

Interest reimbursements

JACCS was quick to reduce its interest rate ceiling on card cash advances to below 18% in February 1997, which was lower than the maximum under the Interest Rate Restriction Act. The impact of interest reimbursements was thus extremely small.

High-quality loans

Nonperforming loan rates are low, reducing write-off impacts. We have amassed quality loans by ensuring that screenings are strict and appropriate assessments of risks.

Nonperforming loans: More than three months past due

Nonperforming loan rate: Non-performing loans÷aggregate balance of operating receivables

A stable earnings base

Deferred installment income is a source of future revenues. We have accumulated deferred installment income that is around 2.6-fold times greater annual revenues from our credit business.

(3) Triple-win business model for customers, member stores and JACCS

  • Diverse services from collective efforts of MUFG Group and JACCS Group
  • Full-fledged on-line and smartphone services
  • Nationwide operational network including sales offices and member stores

Membership of MUFG Group

In 2008, the Company became a member of MUFG Group by accepting 20% of investments from the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd. (Now MUFG Bank, Ltd.).
We are leveraging a range of synergies with the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, including introductions of member stores, participating in the bank's purpose loan guarantee business, and providing credit enhancements through a stable financial position.

Growth of automobile business: Partnerships with imported vehicle dealers

JACCS have concluded several partnerships with foreign vehicle dealers, thereby increasing new contract volumes. We are expanding our automobile business by fortifying relationships with dealers through sales support and convenient settlement services for their customers.

Growth in housing loan guarantee business for investment condominiums: Maintaining a solidly top share of the industry

JACCS' housing loan guarantees are for investment condominiums and help customers build assets. Owing partly to today's low-interest-rate environment, demand is high for investment condominiums as an asset class from which customers can anticipate stable revenues. Transactions in this area have been solid. JACCS' outstanding guarantees exceed ¥1 trillion, giving us a top share of the industry.