The JACCS Group undertakes various businesses centered on JACCS' consumer credit operations in Japan and abroad
For the fisical year ended March 31,2018

Domestic Business

Credit Business

We provide shopping credit services through a range of member stores. Categories include household appliances, automobiles, residential facilities, and other durable goods, universities and vocational schools, wedding halls, and hospitals. Through our settlement services, we pay stores and other member stores for purchases, with consumers making installment payments to us. We aim to contribute to more affluent lives for consumers while helping merchants to increase their sales.

Credit Card Business

We maintain credit card and prepaid card businesses.
As well as offering JACCS cards, we also issue co-branded cards in partnership with a wide variety of organizations and companies. Card features include lump-sum, installment, and revolving payments for shopping. Individuals can also obtain financing services including cash advances and using loan cards.

Customers can also use a variety of prepaid cards. They include international branded cards that people can use to shop from Visa member stores around the world, as well as prepaid cards from certain member stores in Japan. We aim to make shopping more convenient and enjoyable for consumers and help promote the sales of business partners.

Financing Business

We provide credit guarantees for personal loans from banks, credit guarantees for investment condominiums, and bill collection services leveraged by JACCS' account transfer network. We endeavor through this business to assist consumers in materializing their dreams while helping partners to expand their business opportunities.

Payment Business

Our service provides rental guarantees and collections for property management companies. Others include lump sum transfer services of monthly usage fees. We help consumers and business partners alike by streamlining collections and other procedures.

New Business

We are endeavoring to expand our business domains, centered on shopping credit, by creating new products that can become important new sources of revenue. We are pursuing synergies through our domestic Group businesses and subsidiaries.

Overseas Business

After launching a motorcycle loan business in Vietnam in 2010, we expanded into consumer credit businesses in Indonesia in 2012, the Philippines in 2016 and Cambodia in 2018. We are building our capabilities in ASEAN member countries in an effort to make operations there a second key source of revenue after our domestic operations.