2018-2020 13th Medium-Term Business Plan RAISE 2020

In working toward the realization of our long-term vision to “establish JACCS’ position as a leading brand among Asian consumer finance companies,” we will implement the three core policies of our management strategy—the pursuit of sustainable growth in our domestic businesses, the acceleration of growth in our overseas business, and the enhancement of productivity while strengthening our platform for growth. We formulated RAISE 2020 as an action plan to achieve this further growth and expansion. RAISE 2020 is JACCS’ 13th medium-term three-year business plan.

Medium-term vision

An innovative consumer finance company that wins the loyalty of customers, with operations focused on Japan and Southeast Asia

The Role We Aim to Fulfill

As a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG), we are sensitive to changes in the operating environment, and in a timely manner we provide safe and secure financial services, which offer customers a high level of convenience. In doing so, the JACCS Group meets the needs of its customers and member stores in Japan and Southeast Asia.

Core Policies

1. Pursue sustainable growth in domestic businesses

  • The Group’s main domestic businesses, including the credit business, will strive to realize further operational efficiencies and productivity enhancements, while strengthening cooperation between businesses and within the Group. Underpinned by these efforts, we will aim to expand earnings.
  • We see expansion of the payment market as a growth opportunity. By committing resources to the card and payment business, we will strengthen our product development capabilities and the structure for promoting this business. Through the provision of a diverse lineup of payment services, we will seek to expand the business.

2. Accelerate growth in overseas business

  • In our overseas business—one of the main drivers of Group growth—we will work to further expand profits in Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines, and build a business base in Cambodia and other new markets that we enter. These efforts will be designed to expand our business in Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member countries.
  • At overseas affiliate companies, by developing internal control systems and undertaking measures to strengthen corporate governance, we are working to build a sound Group management system. In addition, we will reinforce JACCS’ support posture in such areas as information systems and accounting.

3. Enhance productivity while strengthening the Group’s platform for growth

  • Through strengthened cooperation with MUFG, we will strive to further reinforce our management foundations, including our earnings base and financial base.
  • We will expand our top line through continuous investment in IT, and accelerate operational efficiency gains through the utilization of artificial intelligence (AI) and other technologies. Through cost-structure reforms on a Group basis and the implementation of operational reforms, we will aim to realize high productivity.
Management Principle “JACCS contributes to the realization of a future inspired by dreams and an affluent society.“ Long-Term Vision Establish JACCS' position as a leading brand among Asian consumer finance companies Medium-Term Vision An innovative consumer finance company that wins the loyalty of customers, with operations focused on Japan and Southeast Asia Core Policies Pursuit of sustainable growth in JACCS’ domestic businesses Evolution and extension of existing businbesses Rapidly expand the payments business Pursue synergies within the JACCS Group Acceleration of growth in JACCS’ overseas business Establish a business base in Southeast Asia Strengthen support posture vis-à-vis overseas affiliate companies Develop global human resources Enhancement of productivity while strengthening the Group’s platform for growth Strengthen cooperation with MUFG Ongoing investment in IT and maximization of ROI Promote cost-structure reforms Prioritize the allocation of management resources to strategic fields Strengthen marketing capabilities

Numerical Targets

Consolidated Revenue and Income Plan
Years ended March31(Billions of Yen)
  2016 2017 2018
Operating revenue 114.8 125.1 136.4
Operating income 13.3 15.4 19.5
Ordinary Income 13.5 15.5 20.0