The JACCS Group strives to accurately identify opportunities and risks driven by changes in the economy, society and the environment. Underpinned by this awareness, the Group works to contribute to economic development and sustainable growth in partnership with society and stakeholders, and aims to conduct corporate management in a manner consistent with these goals. Based on its “Basic Policy on Sustainability,” the Group undertakes sustainability-related initiatives, including those focused on social and environmental issues.

Basic Policy on Sustainability

Based on the management principle that “JACCS contributes to the realization of a future inspired by dreams and an affluent society,” the JACCS Group contributes—through its business operations—to solutions to the challenges faced by society, while maintaining the confidence and trust of its stakeholders. Through these efforts, the Group aims to realize a sustainable society and raise its corporate value.

Relationships with Stakeholders

As one its policies aimed at the realization of sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value, the JACCS Group undertakes a wide range of initiatives related to sustainability.